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EN[ˈkruː.ʃəl] [-uːʃəl]
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  • Придавникы (Adjective)COMmore crucialSUPmost crucialPREcruci-SUF-ial
    1. Being essential or decisive for determining the outcome or future of something; extremely important.
      1. The battle of Tali-Ihantala in 1944 is one of the crucial moments in the history of Finland. ‎
      2. A secure supply of crude oil is crucial for any modern nation, let alone a superpower. ‎
    2. (archaic) Cruciform or cruciate; cross-shaped.
      1. (slang, chiefly Jamaica) Term of approval, particularly when applied to reggae music.
        1. Delbert Wilkins is the most crucial pirate radio DJ in Brixton. ‎
    3. Другие примеры
      1. Используется в середине предложения
        • The Metnase SET domain is not only responsible for dimethylation of H3K36 [3 , 6 ] but also crucial for automethylation at K485 within the catalytic pocket [8 ].
        • All together, we can conclude that osmobalancing plays a crucial role in caspofungin adaptation.
        • Maze prison in Northern Ireland will see hundreds of acres of buildings bulldozered before crucial historical research has been carried out.
      2. Используется в завершении предложения
        • To avoid lung collapse at the end of expiration and the development of atelectotrauma, the effect of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) is crucial.
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