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EN[ˈlɛtɚz] [ˈlɛtəz]
    Выберите наиболее подходящий ответ на каждый вопрос.
  • Вопрос 1 :
  • Just a minor siege of GAFIA, from which, eventually, I will once again develop an enthusiasm for stf. At least I hope so. ¶ Etymological note for the benefit of fans who haven't met the word before: GAFIA is an intermittent affliction of fans. The _______ stand for Getting Away From It All. Symptoms are sheer boredom while trying to read promags or fanzines, and allowing correspondence to pile up unanswered. Also a wish that half-done fanzines could be forgotten for a while. I am struggling to combat that last.
    1. lettering
    2. lettered
    3. letters
    4. letter
  • Вопрос 2 :
  • L and R are liquid _______.
    1. lettering
    2. lettered
    3. letters
    4. letter
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