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  • Вопрос 1 :
  • 1915, Irving Langmuir, “The Pure Electron Discharge and Its Applications in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony”[1], in Alfred N. Goldsmith, editor, Proceedings of the IRE, volume 3, number 3, The Institute of Radio Engineers, page 269: It was also necessary to free the glass surfaces very much more thoroly from gas than had been thought necessary previously. 1916, William J. Robinson, MD, Birth Control or the Limitation of Offspring[2], Reprint edition, Wildside Press, ISBN 9781434496195, published 2007, page 150 : But there are now not a few well-to-do, well-known and influential men and women who thoroly believe that teaching the poor ... 1920, Arthur E. Bostwick, PhD, Librarian's Open Shelf Essays on Various Subjects[3], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2004 : We can scarcely expect that each of our five hundred assistants should be thoroly imbued with the spirit of helpfulness toward the schools or even that they should perfectly understand what we desire and aim to do. 1983, Robert Simon, Percy Grainger: The Pictorial Biography[4], GIA Publications, ISBN 9780878752812 : Swedish and German Ellan and I can easily teah you (if you care to learn them), which would set you up thoroly on the language side. Music I will develop you in thoroly, if you care to work with me. Kenneth Helrich (1990) Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists 2003, NW Walker, Raw Vegetable Juices: What's Missing in Your Body[5], Health Research Books, ISBN 9780787313388, page 68 : It is, therefore, of extreme __________ to clean the vegetables thoroly …
    1. importances
    2. importance
  • Вопрос 2 :
  • The rhetorical double-handedness of this proclamation (an "although" balanced by a "yet,", its "quiet enjoyment" set off by the threat of confiscation and death), already remarkably akin to the palinode or table razing in Lucio's tale, expresses the institutional ambivalence toward privateering, and eventually toward piracy, generated in part by Elizabeth's support for the corsairs, in part by their continuing __________ as a class of mariners to be drawn on in time of war.
    1. importances
    2. importance
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