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EN[vəˈnɪlə] [-ɪlə]
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    1. You can tell that the secret ingredient missing from New CokeTM was vanilla, because certain South American economies collapsed when it was introduced, and miraculously revived when the old formula was used again. ‎
    2. He's as tough as they come.   Our milkshakes come in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours. ‎
    3. Have you tried the vanilla fudge? It's delicious!
    4. The admixture of vanilla extract in the dough improved the pastries' flavor.
    5. I put a drip of vanilla extract in my hot cocoa.
    6. It's true - I don't consider anything other than root-beer with vanilla ice-cream to be a "real" float.
    7. Out came vanilla-scented pillar candles and shiny brass candleholders, bags of potpourri and cellophane-wrapped flip-flops, and enough unopened packages of rainbow chalk to keep an entire neighborhood of hopscotchers content.
    8. Glass cases are filled with a pastel field of pink sweet buns, glossy guava-oozing pastries and their vanilla custard cousins, crispy, heart-shaped orejas (elephant ears, or, at French bakeries, palmiers), and conchas (shells).
    9. Vanilla extract makes these cookies taste great, but the straight extract tastes bad because the alcohol hasn't evaporated yet.
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