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EN[tuː] [tʰu̟ː] [tu] [tʰu̟] [-uː]

    Examples of two in a Sentence

  • Примеры two
    1. two-time winners of the World Cup
    2. The 11 girls [ … ] are all trained dancers in real life who, for the purposes of "Billy Elliot," must untrain themselves for each performance and dance with two very left feet.
    3. With three aces and two jacks, he thought it was safe to up the ante.
    4. Four aircraft - including two air cranes - are currently waterbombing the area, [ … ] .
    5. He weighed out two kilos of oranges for a client.
    6. Two days before the fight, the boxers weigh in with reporters watching.
    7. Two groups that have had ties to insurgents, the Islamic Party Fighters and forces of the 20th Revolution brigade, counterattacked in support of the local residents, apparently having turned against those insurgents because of their links to Al Qaeda.
    8. I've got two children.
    9. My car engine has had two overhauls.
    10. The targeted objects include two military bases and an airfield.
  • Примеры twos
    1. Animals entered the ark in twos.
    2. The Frobenius number of 2 and 5 is 3, since 3 cannot be formed as a sum of twos and fives while every larger integer can.
    3. The number 2202 contains three twos.
    4. This toy is suitable for the twos and threes.
    5. It's odd there were no twos in the winning lottery numbers.
    6. The boy in his twos is just learning to walk.
    7. Twos are the hardest year on parents.
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