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EN[tɛns] [-ɛns]

    Examples of tense in a Sentence

  • Примеры tense
    1. future-tense form
    2. “I was watching tennis” is an example of the imperfect tense.
    3. an inflection for gender, number, or tense
    4. "Has the #5 bus arrived?" "Yeah, you missed it." (past tense)
    5. "The bus is too far away. I can’t make it." (present tense)
    6. "I saw the #5 bus across the street. I won’t make it." (future tense)
    7. past-tense form
    8. "Has the #5 bus arrived yet?" "Yeah, you didn't make it." (past tense)
    9. "The bus is too far away. I can’t make it." (present tense)
    10. "I see the #5 bus across the street. I won’t make it." (future tense)
    11. present-tense form
    12. A tense standoff between demonstrators and police continued overnight.
    13. One can feel the threatening energy of the thought-forms left in the room after a tense fight.
  • Примеры tenses
    1. The historic tenses include the imperfect, the pluperfect, and the future perfect. ‎
    2. The basic tenses in English are present, past, and future.
    3. A child familiar with past tenses formed with "-ed" overregularizes by saying "goed" instead of "went".
  • Примеры tensed
    1. Those who endorse the A-theory of time, for example, often attempt to show that tense is ineliminable, i. e. , it is impossible to adequately paraphrase tensed sentences into tenseless ones.
    2. We used Somatotype 1.0 software (MER Goulding Software Development, Geeveston, Australia) to evaluate each individual somatotype profile from ten anthropometric measures (height, weight, tricipital, subscapular, suprasinal and medial calf skinfolds, biepicondylar humerus and femur breadths, arm (flexed and tensed) and calf circumferences).
    3. Mallory tensed, and as the policeman passed the door, he stepped out, brought his hand over and down in a side-handed blow to the base of the neck that had every ounce of power in his shoulders behind it.
  • Примеры tensing
    1. tensing a verb
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