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    Examples of successfully in a Sentence

  • Примеры successfully
    1. He successfully climbed the mountain.
    2. They successfully completed their project together.
    3. We successfully avoided any danger.
    4. You successfully configured the program to install updates.
    5. His many supporters successfully clamor his election without a formal vote
    6. The Russian claims to have successfully domesticated foxes.
    7. The group successfully maintains its tribal entity.
    8. The battle plan was successfully executed.
    9. A cold and impersonal doctor, unless he's just a mechanical implanter, can't work successfully with these patients.
    10. South African partners successfully executed and turned the former Mammy Market at the Ikeja Military cantonment to an international ultra-modern market.

Other Vocabulary

Слова похожи (Look-Alike Words)
  1. en successful
  2. en unsuccessfully
  3. en stressfully
  4. en successively
  5. en unsuccessful
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