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    1. The battle plan was successfully executed.
    2. A cold and impersonal doctor, unless he's just a mechanical implanter, can't work successfully with these patients.
    3. South African partners successfully executed and turned the former Mammy Market at the Ikeja Military cantonment to an international ultra-modern market.
    4. The patient's face was blue from lack of oxygen induced by an airway blockage which led a fast thinking EMT on scene to begin and successfully perform modified chest thrusts on the very fat patient.
    5. Different from dozens of other palenques that were vanquished, this community has successfully fended off threats to its existence to this day.
    6. What we look for in genre writing, Mr. Updike suggested, is exactly what the critics sometimes complain about; the predictableness of a formula successfully executed.
    7. A few days after Bailey's success, on June 16, in Boston, Dr. Dwight Harken successfully performed his first valvulotomy for mitral stenosis.

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  1. en successful
  2. en unsuccessfully
  3. en stressfully
  4. en successively
  5. en unsuccessful
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