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EN[ˈstɑɹtɪd] [ˈstɑːtɪd]

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  • Примеры start
    1. Ay, chihuahua! The computer crashed and I'm going to have to start all over again.
    2. Wait, so we're allowed to have magic items from the start? I must of derped pretty hard.
    3. You just tried to start your car with your cell phone. Hello? ‎
    4. Can you silence the crowd, so we can start the show?
    5. Adzukis need 118 days to start bearing.
    6. Next time you have an amby, tell them quick like to close their eyes and serve a volleyball. Everybody prefers one side for something that they do, it's just a matter if syncing that something with a good choice to start the unknown with.
    7. [...] while not a super-goof like some of the female goofs I'd met, she was quite goofy enough to be going on with. Her whole aspect was that of a girl who at the drop of a hat would start talking baby talk.
    8. The new folks really get put through a baptism by fire, to start doing a stressful job with so little training.
  • Примеры starts
    1. I have to shoot off, my interview starts in under an hour.
    2. When it starts to boil, turn down the heat to a simmer.
    3. Apple starts with A.
    4. If you don't keep doing excercise in summer, you will find you are out of condition when the new season starts.
    5. My seven-year-old son always digs a hole in the middle of his mashed potatoes and fills it with gravy before he starts to eat them. ‎
    6. As the World Cup starts, it is interesting to note the large number of people around the world cheering on ABE to win, including many millions of British.
    7. Workers attempt to avoid the queen, but if antennated try to escape or exhibit a submissive crouching posture, while the queen starts to bite and pull their legs and antennae.
    8. The race starts with the blowing of the traditional fish horn, followed by the gun and you off.
    9. The switch triggers a microfurnace to heat up a strip of plastic which breaks after two seconds causing a clip to open; this releases a compressed spring which starts the delivery.
    10. It is suggested that Rule VIII (c) requires that the drivers be on the track 5 minutes before off time, not post time, and that since off time can not be known until the race actually starts, the rule is meaningless.
  • Примеры started
    1. He started the channel — one of dozens of tiny mom-and-pop-style microbroadcast operations in the West Bankin part so that he would have a venue, however small, from which to broadcast “Shara’a Simsim.”
    2. That started a miniset of Duran Duran songs and electro oldies like the Normals Warm Leatherette, paying tribute while flaunting Duran Duran's pop skills, even in skeletal arrangements.
    3. The minitrend may have started with ads last summer for Level vodka, sold by V&S Vin & Sprit, which carry the headline “Hello delicious.”
    4. In 1985 a Mountain Dew commercial started popping up on TV ....
    5. Boccalone, a company in Oakland, Calif., that makes artisanal cured meat, has started producing nduja.
    6. There was a difference in the decibel level of the crowd roar when the band started up a hit —— “Hey Nineteen,” “Peg,” “Black Friday” ——— as opposed to a nonhit, like “Show Biz Kids” or “Babylon Sisters.”
    7. Hull was much less of a nutball than most of them, and the CIA station chief started coming around more and more often.
    8. I loved it when the Obamatons started chanting "Yes we can yes we can yeswe can" in the middle of it as if it were some sort of religious ritual.
    9. I had to stop running when I started getting pains in my feet.
  • Примеры starting
    1. I was so sleep deprived I was starting to get punchy.
    2. We ate the meal in reverse order, starting with dessert and ending with the starter.
    3. I've heard that song on the radio so many times that I'm starting to get sick of it. ‎
    4. This fool is starting to make me feel stabby. Coming back to one of his threads is like a scab you want to pick but you just know it will get infected, yet you feel oddly compelled to see just how much of a fool he has made of himself.
    5. (However, Sellars vehemently rejects that this would imply they are merely ‘in the eye of the beholder’—despite starting as mere posits of a theoretician, once the theory acquires a certain social status, they become as thingish as a thing can be.)
    6. Middle schools, sometimes called intermediate schools, were created starting in the 1960s, after educators determined that seventh-through-ninth-grade junior high schools were excessively rigid and unattuned to adolescents’ personal development.
    7. Historically speaking, this company has always collected payment before starting work.
    8. ... purely defensive second stroke, picked up the ball, and, pretending to aim at the wicket, purposely flung it wide, thereby beguiling the batsman into starting for a run, for which he was given out "hit the ball twice."
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