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    1. For me, it isn't so much about the actual hunting as much as the woodsmanship and skills that come into play at every stage of a hunt.
    2. The poor wretch, who lay motionless a long time, just began to recover his senses as a stage-coach came by.
    3. One may ascribe these problems to the federal government; however, at this stage it is unclear what caused them.
    4. It has got to the ludicrous stage that whenever Snedden makes a speech without actually ballsing something up irrevocably, they tell him he's the greatest thing since Winston Churchill;
    5. Don't camp it up. Just follow the stage directions.
    6. The third stage of the plan is where Team B comes in.
    7. They joined Sunderland and Middlesbrough in crashing out of the competition at the third-round stage this season.
    8. In Chapter IV we learned that every animal consists of a body, or soma, formed of cells that are differentiated from the germ cells usually at an early stage of development.
    9. Despite all of the rehearsals, as soon as I got on stage I froze up.
  • Примеры stages
    1. And Ferguson was largely indebted to young keeper David de Gea, who has had his critics this season but made crucial saves to keep United in contention as they came under concerted pressure in the closing stages.
    2. The initial stages of a syndrome may differ vastly from the final symptoms. ‎
    3. the knockout stages of the competition
    4. In Spore the player guides a species from primordial monocellular ooze through the various stages of evolution: onto land, into tribes, civilizations and finally interstellar colonization.
    5. Also the young stages of nematodes have been found in the coelom of this ophiuroid, believed by Mortensen (1927) to be young stages of some piscicolous nematode.
    6. In the recently opened Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, there are more than 200 casts of prehuman and human fossils and artifacts that illustrate stages in physical and behavioral evolution.
    7. The species may be a relict of former stages of historical vegetation and landscape development resulting from past climate changes (glacial and post- glacial periods).
    8. In the late stages of the Green Bay Packers’ snowswept 42-20 playoff victory over Seattle on Saturday, Brett Favre and Donald Driver playfully engaged in a snowball fight.
  • Примеры staged
    1. The conman staged the car accident so he could collect the insurance money.
    2. The staged performance was good, but I liked the book better.
    3. The film’s psychological journey leads to a shootout in an abandoned mining town, staged by Mann in multi-leveled, expressionistically distorted space that seems a universe away from the open plains and sharp horizon lines of Ford’s classical vision.
    4. She has staged many successful ballets, so her choreography skills must be excellent. ‎
    5. That was the era of the lushly scored costume poperetta (“The Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats,” “Miss Saigon,” “Les Misérables”), staged like Cecil B. DeMille epics and usually overseen by the Mike Todd-ish producer Cameron Mackintosh.
    6. The salesman’s demonstration of the new cleanser was staged to make it appear highly effective.
    7. We staged the cars to be ready for the start, then waited for the starter to drop the flag.
    8. As written, Ghost Watch is a mess; as staged, it was a misproduced mess.
    9. Animals were staged according to accepted criteria and only adults (range of carapace width: 8–9 cm) in intermolt stage were used in the present study.
    10. His stop-motion photographs, by turn, recall the early images of Eadweard Muybridge, who captured men or horses in midmovement, or the staged photo sequences by performance artists like Gina Pane and Vito Acconci.
  • Примеры staging
    1. His cast and Ms. Romero offered advice and insights on everything from the kind of coat that a central character would wear to the staging of the juba, an African dance at the end of Act I.
    2. A new line called Suno replicated the staging of Mr. Sidibé’s photographs for its lookbook, right down to the checkerboard marble floor.
    3. The marina was a mainstay of the neighborhood, and Mr. O’Rourke was known for staging salsa and merengue concerts.
    4. On the morning of February 28, 1993, ATF agents gathered at a staging area near Waco and prepared to serve a search warrant on the Branch Davidians' residence.
    5. The outpost near the border was used as a staging area for the army's invasion.
    6. Please zone off our staging area, a section for each group.
    7. Interestingly, while antisenescence factors like SIRT1 decreased, the expression levels of prosenescent factors, such as cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A and caveolin-1, increased in a COPD staging-dependent manner.
    8. They are characterized by having only cutaneous presentation, with no evidence of extracutaneous lesion after adequate staging.
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