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Tтак что

    Examples of so that in a Sentence

  • Примеры so that
    1. The casting was mounted on a milling machine so that its sides could be squared.
    2. Seven pounds make a clove, 2 cloves a stone, 2 stone a tod, 6 1/2 tods a wey, 2 weys a sack, 12 sacks a last. [...] It is to be observed here that a sack is 13 tods, and a tod 28 pounds, so that the sack is 364 pounds.
    3. So that over and above the public componentsholidays, tourist attractions – there are private meanderings, linked to the climate as if this spell were a stretto passage in the year’s fugue: haphazard weather, aimless loves, unpredicted commitments…
    4. Poor Michaelis had been much kicked, so that he had a slightly tail-between-the-legs look even now.
    5. That can confuse people, so we’re trying to focus the point of view so that it’s not so teenagery, but nor is it meant to be old and frumpy.”
    6. He had stapled extra long sleeves to the suit so that he would have Mr. Tickle’s tentaclelike arms.
    7. When an allergic reaction caused his throat to swell, the paramedics inserted a tracheal tube so that he could breathe.
    8. Trim the wick fairly short, so that the flame does not smoke.
    9. Move aside, please, so that these people can come through. ‎

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Слова похожи (Look-Alike Words)
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