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    1. The incoming tides bathed the coral reef.
    2. We couldn't take the boat into the shallows near the reef because our sonar pinger was broken.
    3. It comprehends the following generally flat-lying members: Hauptdolomit, Platten Limestone, Kossen Beds, Rhae- tian reef Limestone, Liassic marls and limestones, up to 350 m thick siliceous, radiolarite-bearing strata
    4. 1999: I decided to show the lifeguards my reef rash. "It's just a scratch!" one of them chimed. — Neal Miyake [1]
    5. I was on my way to the door, but all at once, through the fog in my head, I began to sight one reef that I hadn't paid any attention to afore.
    6. Strike the door sharply with your foot and see if it comes loose.  A bullet struck him.   The ship struck a reef. ‎
    7. While in the school-ships the boys would be instructed in the elements of an ordinary education, in addition to being taught to row, heave the lead, box the compass, go aloft, reef, steer, and work the guns.
    8. Species living in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Northern Sea had similar encephalisation indices compared to the indopacific coral reef dwelling species.
    9. Finally, coral reef POM constitutes a source of OM for planktonic invertebrates and planktonophagous fish.
  • Примеры reefs
    1. 2005: Year-round the powerful ground swells generated in the notorious Roaring Forties 1000 kilometres to the south of Cape Leeuwin march north-east and meet with the reefs and beaches of the region. — MargaretRiver.com [1]
    2. The sediment type units used were: predominantly gravel (the most abundant sediment type around Punta León colony [34 ]), rocky, characterized by the presence of reefs (i.e. isolated small rocky outcrops that extend no longer that a few metres on a flat bottom [35 ]) and grasslike where more than 50% of the seabed was covered by structures such as polychaeta tubes and algae.
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