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    1. Some mushrooms are edible and taste good, while others are poisonous and taste foul.
    2. Sugar of lead (lead acetate) is a poisonous white crystalline substance with a sweet taste.
    3. Most dogbanes are poisonous tropical plants producing showy flowers and milky juice
    4. Our assimilation into one another had been beautifully timed, with each little revelation of unpleasantness acting as a modest baffler, a groyne to our mutual inundation. Now all of this was going to be flooded, drenched in poisonous ichor.
    5. An investigation showed that the camels had been poisoned by fodder contaminated with an antibiotic called salinomycin, often added to chicken feed but poisonous to camels.
    6. While the poisonous spearlets are now directed largely against rival males, the trait could well have served among ancestral monotremes as the equivalent of a bee’s sting, to ward off the Bigfeet that ever threatened to crush them.
    7. American Indians apparently were aware of the poisonous properties of the zigadenes.
    8. The poisonous damp of night disponge upon me. — Shakespeare.
    9. poisonous from poison
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