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    1. The tennis player lobbed the ball, which was a costly mistake.
    2. a dancer's mask; a fencer's mask; a ball player's mask
    3. My plug-in allows the media player to use the existing native support to play videos.
    4. Whether you're a nobody or a player, everyone in Tinseltown wants to be King of Hollywood! - Conquering Hollywood
    5. A player's batting average is his hits divided by his official at-bats..
    6. Each comes in a carrying case that keeps the devices together with their accessories: the miniplug cable for your music or DVD player, for example, and the adapters for quarter-inch phono jacks and dual-pronged airplane armrest jacks.
    7. United did not dwell on the decision and Nani had a left-foot piledriver fended wide by Friedel, who is now the oldest player in Villa's history at 39 years and 259 days.
  • Примеры players
    1. Players must remain outside the free-throw lane until the ball leaves the free-throw shooter's hands. ‎
    2. Don't count two strokes for that - it was a gimme, if I wasn't holding the flag with my other hand, for the next players waiting on the hole, it would have gone in.
    3. Most golf courses built in the 1980s went away from the old-fashioned ground game and forced players to hit the ball high.
    4. The United players refused to leave, and a dispute broke out between the players and Chelsea stewards and groundstaff before the incident was resolved.
    5. The second technical was called after Mayo walked back toward the players gathered at halfcourt.
    6. [ …] and since everyone knows what they did, the players give them all the respect *they* believe a 'botter deserves. (I.e. they aren't a "real" highbie in the eyes of their peers.)
    7. The result in Greece meant Tottenham could not progress, no matter how many goals they scored against Rovers but, after making nine changes to his starting line-up, Harry Redknapp will be pleased with the performance of his fringe players.
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