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    1. The principal cause of the failure was poor planning.
    2. The financial planning profession as a whole now faces an uphill battle to overcome the reputational damage caused by one large bad apple.
    3. If you are planning to wear a see-through dress, wear something underneath.
    4. NASA has set Sept. 11, 2008, as the target date for launching a mission intended to revitalize the telescope and keep it spaceworthy into the next decade, according to a planning document made public by nasawatch.com , an independent Web site.
    5. Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting. ‎
    6. I had been planning every day through these years toward a universal car.
    7. His planning application was unprotested and passed by the committee.
    8. Thus studying, teaching, and planning; laboring with her hands, and enduring pain, sickness, and sorrow; unsolaced by Christian society, except her husband's,--three anxious years passed.
    9. His unstructured method of planning scared anyone who had to depend on his schedules.
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