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  • Примеры plan
    1. If I really wanted to take full advantage of their delectability, and to eat them every day, a plan was in order.
    2. The battle plan was successfully executed.
    3. Having the foresight to prepare an evacuation plan may have saved their lives.
    4. The state estimates the one-day-a-month furlough spread over the 18 months of the plan would amount to a 5 percent cut in pay.
    5. So what is the game plan? We need to get everyone out of this alive, and I am clueless.
    6. “The giganticism of the proposed developments on the yards and the speed with which the M.T.A. and the city seem to be rushing to adopt a plan are a great concern,” said Andrew Berman, a member of the Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee.
    7. The stock plan really served as golden handcuffs for the executives.
    8. I'm a goner if this plan doesn't work.
    9. Most of the advice dished out is empty calories and often presented as the gospel truth. But there is no such thing as gospel truth because everyone's situation is unique and no one investment is right unless it is considered with an investment plan.
  • Примеры plans
    1. All the reporters hoped to be the first to get the lowdown on the celebrity's marriage plans.
    2. Later this year it plans to introduce a small multiproduct compact that women can load up with different products every day if they wish.
    3. They're indispensable for backpackers, campers and anyone else who plans to be away from a power outlet for a while; indeed, both the Solar and the Eco Player are ruggedly built, with rubberized nonscratchable surfaces.
    4. Apple's plans also represent a strong challenge for the BlackBerry range, which was, until now, the only realistic way of providing access to corporate email on the move.
    5. ( The thought-police were onto my plans of World domination. )
    6. optimistic plans
    7. The family had plans to attend the pentennial reunion. ‎
    8. I don't have any firm plans postcareer.
    9. Underground parking, private storage and daily housekeeping are offered as well, and the club’s concierge can assist with prearrival grocery shopping, spa reservations, dinner plans and golf tee times.
  • Примеры planned
    1. The company says it will go forward with only two of the eight projects it had planned in Rwanda, and the Kigali hotel and Akagera ecolodge didn’t make the cut.
    2. My twelve-year-old son will be entering his teens next year.  She had planned to enter the legal profession. ‎
    3. The planned access via Netizen appears not to be a happener.
    4. Just as the rabid fundamentalist nutcase hypochristians who bomb planned parenthood clinics are not representative of the average Christian, likewise the Islamic Jihad are a minority of all Muslims.
    5. The prosecutor offered the lieutenant immunity for all the crimes he would testify having known to be planned by the elusive drug baron.
    6. He told the bartender, pointing at the bottle of scotch he planned to consume, "Leave it, I'm going to kill the bottle."
    7. They had planned to open another shop downtown, but their plan had a few kinks.
    8. For those who have never navigated “Fairways,” as some longbeards call the original store — there are satellites in Harlem and Brooklyn and on Long Island, with another planned for New Jersey — it is a low-ceilinged warren under pitiless fluorescents.
    9. The architect planned the building for the client. ‎
    10. They jointly planned the project in phases, with good detail for the first month. ‎
  • Примеры planning
    1. My sister's eyes were full of stardust, and she'd spend hours lazily planning her future life when she would make her big break in the movies.
    2. When planning the boat trip we had completely forgotten that we needed somebody to steer.
    3. City will now make the Premier League an even bigger priority, while regrouping and planning again for what they hope will be another tilt at the Champions League next season.
    4. He hasn't twigged that we're planning a surprise party for him.
    5. “People began to prefer umlessness in public speaking and conversation around the same time that they began to value order, organization, planning and efficiency in an increasingly complex and urbanizing society,” he writes.
    6. Does this have anything to do with the party you were planning?
    7. I was planning it as a surprise, but I think he is on to me.
    8. I was planning to take care of the problem for him, but he beat me to the punch and did it himself.
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