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EN[plæn] [plɛən] [-æn]

    Examples of plan in a Sentence

  • Примеры plan
    1. With that obstacle removed, I am now able to proceed with my plan.
    2. When space travel becomes feasible, I plan to visit Alpha Centauri.
    3. I have little doubt that if President Obama’s economic recovery plan were for Iraq, Republicans would pass it without flinching because, of course, anyone who balked would be considered antipatriotic.
    4. "President Fujimori will support a two-tiered antisubversion plan," read a secret August 1990 memo from the United States Embassy in Lima, citing a former intelligence officer as its source.
    5. a casketless funeral plan
    6. In control as always, he came up with a cool plan. ‎
    7. His carrying a knife was counter to my plan.
  • Примеры plans
    1. The advocate plans to anticipate a part of her argument.
    2. Action groups are crying out against plans to build on the woodland area.
    3. Our plans to go to France died in the ass.
    4. The emperor disconcerted the plans of his enemy.
    5. I discovered my plans to the rest of the team. ‎
    6. Their plans to go hiking Saturday fell through because it rained.
    7. Can we firm up plans for the barbecue Sunday?
    8. His big plans to get rich never quite seemed to get off the ground.
    9. Did you ever get the ball rolling on your plans to build a shed?
    10. When the bank refused the credit, all our plans went up in smoke.
  • Примеры planned
    1. That stop was not planned. ‎
    2. Funds are urgently required if this work is to be completed as planned.
    3. Hydroseeding of unvegetated batters is planned.
    4. I already planned to buy the car, but the color was what really clinched it for me.
    5. He heard from a coworker that the company planned to merge those departments.
    6. DFI planned to commission a drilling rig to begin an extensive evaluation of the Barteajam and the Henry Town gold prospects in 2009
    7. The company says it will go forward with only two of the eight projects it had planned in Rwanda, and the Kigali hotel and Akagera ecolodge didn’t make the cut.
    8. My twelve-year-old son will be entering his teens next year.  She had planned to enter the legal profession. ‎
    9. The planned access via Netizen appears not to be a happener.
    10. Just as the rabid fundamentalist nutcase hypochristians who bomb planned parenthood clinics are not representative of the average Christian, likewise the Islamic Jihad are a minority of all Muslims.
  • Примеры planning
    1. Our model suggests that both of these features reflect interactions between area LIP, which is involved in visuo-spatial selection, and skeletomotor areas involved in planning the manual release.
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