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    1. An ad truck passed down the lane blaring out a shrill announcement for a new perfume and cosmetics line that would be available Saturday in the town's department store.
    2. Yü, a limited-edition perfume from Mane, costs $5,000 and “contains rare, sustainably harvested plant essences like Indonesian champak and Mysore sandalwood.”
    3. Perfume is an emanation from a flower.
    4. (A chypre perfume is usually built with oak moss, patchouli and labdanum, an absolute of a dark, thick-smelling Mediterranean bush.)
    5. ouer this pott and the cyrcle hold the pentacles, and perfume them; and say deuoutly theis psalmes followynge
    6. The perfume industry is facing a major problem: maintaining constant levels of quality is crucial, but it is increasingly difficult to obtain a regular supply of all the necessary natural ingredients.
    7. They're pushing that perfume again.
    8. You reek of perfume.
    9. When she comes in the door, splash her with perfume.
    10. Hyacinth perfume tickled her senses, making her feel giddy, but she saddened when she saw how uncared for the garden was.
  • Примеры perfumes
    1. [ … ] Ms. Boris choreographed a tale about a haughty contessa who tries to seduce a young man with wondrous perfumes.
    2. The perfumes of plants like jasmine could only be extracted by enfleurage, as other methods of the time would denature the scents.
    3. 2008 May/Jun, Erin Barnes, “Glossed Over”, E: The Environmental Magazine, volume 19, number 3, page 21: Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, floorings, paints, toys and medical devices.
    4. "Gentle gales, Fanning their odoriferous wings, dispense Native perfumes, and whisper whence they stole Those balmy spoils." —Milton.
  • Примеры perfumed
    1. The perfumed pages of the letter contrasted with its doleful writing.
    2. For his own soiree, Kane went for somewhat more conventional decorations: on a side table, Apothia candles glimmered like fireflies, guarding a taxidermied owl, while masses of delphiniums, hydrangeas, lilacs and old Dutch roses perfumed the air.
    3. But the standout of the evening had to be the moqueca do mar, a seafood stew with a kick-ass tomato-coconut milk broth perfumed with saffron and served with a little silver dish of rice and a few tostones.
    4. On a little table of dark perfumed wood thickly encrusted with nacre, [ …] was lying a note from Lord Henry, and beside it was a book bound in yellow paper, the cover slightly torn and the edges soiled.

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