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    1. Black coloration denotes occupation, white coloration nonoccupation, and X that a burrow had not yet or not any more existed in the respective year.
    2. Culture plates were reincubated for a further 24 h if there was no growth after overnight incubation or predominant morphotype seen in Gram smear had not yet been isolated.
    3. AMG785 and AMG167 are humanized monoclonal antibodies against sclerostin that have not yet completed all phases of clinical trials.
    4. Although the reasons and mechanisms for uptake are not yet described, it is possible that the observed decreased Si concentration is the result of picocyanobacterial uptake of Si when nitrogen is available.
    5. Finding of tamanolides which is a new class of pyranocoumarins from French Polynesian CIO [50 ], and not yet reported from the other CIO geographical origins supports this suggestion.
    6. If you're an occasional shul-goer and have not yet found a home, ask your friends, people you feel are on the same wavelength as you. Go shul hopping!
    7. However, the energy dissipation process conditioning the sustainability of superlubric state has not yet been well understood.
    8. However, it is not yet well understood how these hemiretinal differences develop and progress following a bright light insult.

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