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EN[maɪs] [-aɪs]

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    1. While Bpp hu and the other classical bordetellae can efficiently colonize mice, Bpp ov strains are severely defective in their ability to colonize the murine respiratory tract.
    2. Incisions were sutured, and mice were administered buponepherine at 0.5 mg/kg.
    3. We hypothesized that the tissue toxicity of galacitol could be another cause of aging in our D-galactose mice.
    4. To discount the possibility that immunosera from VLP-immunized mice bound to a domain of AMA1 outside of the 4G2 epitope, we assessed that ability of 4G2 to block serum binding to AMA1.
    5. There was a significant duration extension of SWS between bilateral inactivation and unilateral inactivation in the ChAT-Arch mice or bilateral lluminalion in control mice (p ).
    6. Therefore, angiogenesis can be induced in the postinfarcted myocardium of transgenic mice [ 124 ].
  • Примеры mouse
    1. A quick growl scared off the mouse.
    2. mousemousey, mousy
    3. Hence, we investigated the role of pDCs in atherogenesis vs atheroprogression by specifically depleting this cell population using the BDCA2-DTR mouse model bred to Apolipoprotein E (Apoe -/- ) deficient mice.
    4. We aimed to test the feasibility of in situ transplantation of ADSCs by injecting bioencapsulated ADSCs into the liver in mouse model.
    5. Because mouse primary cells (mBMCs and MEF cells) are susceptible to cryodamage, cryopreservation using BuOF needs further investigation.
    6. These studies administered equitoxic doses of TCDD in sensitive rats and mice (100 and 500 μg/kg in rat and mouse respectively).
    7. Moreover, the notable beneficial effect of givinostat on liver fibrosis was also confirmed in the mouse models.
    8. Furthermore, our findings suggest that adenosine is the primary, if not sole, gliotransmitter responsible for the modulation of mouse spinal locomotor networks.
    9. NA-specific immunity has been shown to limit the spread of influenza virus, thus reducing disease symptoms and providing cross-protection against heterosubtypic viruses in mouse challenge experiments.
  • Примеры moused
    1. Captain Higgins moused the hook with a bit of marline to prevent the block beckets from falling out under slack.
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