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  • Примеры lose
    1. You don't wanna get on that guy's bad side. He will lose his temper very shortly and easily.
    2. If United don't lose by more than 2 goals, they should go through to the next round.
    3. Biking to work kills two birds with one stone. It saves money travelling and will help to lose weight.
    4. People who do not speak a second language find that they lose out when looking for a job.
    5. I think you will lose out on the exchange rate if you move to dollars now.
    6. If I lose any sleep, it'll be more personal.
    7. Readers enter the storyworlds of novels and then follow the logic of the events that occur in them primarily by attempting to reconstruct the fictional minds of the characters in that storyworld. Otherwise, readers lose the plot.
    8. I'll need to lose weight if I want to fit into my old jeans.
    9. That was the same slogan that Vice President Dan Quayle famously misrecalled in 1989 when he said, “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind.”
    10. Last year, the Bears were outplayed and outcoached and deserved to lose.
    11. Those who don't stand up for their rights are apt to lose them.
  • Примеры lost
    1. Grandpa's lost his marbles, but at least he still recognizes us.
    2. Foreign markets were lost as our currency rose versus their valuta. ‎
    3. They had lost market share.
    4. He made it to matchpoint three times and still lost, but you can't come much closer than that.
    5. While expounding the other day on the lost antiseptic mercurochrome, I mentioned that vaccines once contained an antibacterial and antifungal agent called thimerosal.
    6. My hands were very tired during the Heimlich maneuver class after we got to the modified chest thrusts part, four rounds of modified chest thrusts I lost too much dexterity in my hands to continue!
    7. The campaign issues got lost in all the mud from both parties.
  • Примеры loses
    1. He who [ …] foreknowingly loses his lifeJeremy Taylor.
    2. But the authors cover all the stages and issues thoroughly, even if their approach is so unwaveringly politically correct it occasionally loses sight of reality.
    3. Our good master keeps his kites up to the last moment, studding-sails alow and aloft, and, by incessant straight steering, never loses a rod of way.
    4. My watch loses five minutes a week. ‎
    5. If President Ford wins the nomination, but loses the election by a huge margin, he will be the Millard Fillmore of 1976
    6. When something melts it loses its solidness and becomes a liquid.
    7. From all the pressure my partner has been through lately, his emotional threshold has suddenly gotten pretty low these days. I can tell because he easily loses it when he is around people or hears about anything to do with his concerns.
    8. And if we want to speak upon our return of what we have learned there, to speak in our language perforce loses the life of their thoughts, but to speak in their language is to babelize in our own world.
  • Примеры losing
    1. The pilot pulled up hard into a tight loop and browned out, losing sight of the target.
    2. Steve Gohouri was guilty of losing possession deep inside his own half, allowing Davies to find Ngog for Bolton's second, before Antolin Alcaraz was dispossessed in the build-up to their third.
    3. I remember when this diner was a quiet hangout, but lately it seems to be losing its cachet.
    4. The deshopper is “stealing beauty” and robbing the product of some of its undetectable essence, without losing the quality of newness which is required for the product to remain returnable.
    5. Losing this highly publicized case was an embarrassment to the firm.
    6. The Flow of Attention results showed us where we were losing the audience so we edited those few spots and had a better commercial.
    7. The losing side bore no ill will toward the winners.
    8. BTW, as long as we're talking about losing one's job over oral sex, should Newt be kicked out of the House for the, err, lewinskying he got from one of his female aides?
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