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  • Примеры large
    1. A large aberrative oscillation has been observed in the financial markets
    2. The lightning of the public burdens, which at present abstract a large proportion of profits and wages.
    3. In this case, ionization is activationless, i.e. its rate constant is extemely large and independent of potential.
    4. East-trending lineaments, some as long as 400 miles, are clearly discernible on the aeromagnetic maps. These lineaments may be associated with large fractures in the earth's crust.
    5. I will attempt to make an alpha particle ("α-particle") with the large hadron collider.
    6. The building will be named for Gavin S. Herbert, founder and former chairman of Allergan, the large pharmaceutical products company that first developed antiallergy eye drops 60 years ago in Los Angeles.
    7. Taking on large debts was an antitakeover strategy.
    8. To a large extent, says Allen, this antivaccination impulse is fueled by an ignorance of the past.
    9. The road took a brief detour around the large rock formation, then went straight on. ‎
    10. For this scene, a large number of supers are engaged, and in order to further swell the crowd, practically all the available stage hands have to ‘walk on’ dressed in various coloured dominoes, and all wearing masks.
  • Примеры larges
    1. One small coffee and two larges, please.
    2. When the pseudogenome is small (up to 300 Mbases) we cache the answers for all k ≤ 10, and for larges pseudogenomes for all k ≤ 11.
  • Примеры larger
    1. The rifle was originally chambered for 9MM, but had since been modified for a larger, wildcat caliber.
    2. The ruling party or coalition sometimes dissolves parliament early when the polls are favorable, hoping to reconvene with a larger majority
    3. Poor fuel economy is a common drawback among larger vehicles.
    4. I'd like to exchange this shirt for one in a larger size.
    5. We transplanted the flowers to a larger pot.
    6. The Frobenius number of 2 and 5 is 3, since 3 cannot be formed as a sum of twos and fives while every larger integer can.
    7. The skill of hybridists has consistently improved the quality of what they offer for our gardens, replacing the older varieties [of tulips] with larger, sturdier, healthier bulbs with flowers in a much wider colour range.
  • Примеры largest
    1. In a major sweep last fall, federal officials also took down Silk Road — the largest darknet market at the timeas well as hundreds of other websites and services operating on the Tor network.
    2. Furthermore, the largest lobule is HVII, which is further subdivided into HVIIa (Crus I and Crus II) and HVIIb. Similarly, lobule HVIII is divided into two parts, separated by the intrabiventer fissure [27 ].
    3. China, now the fifth largest wine producer in the world, has an expanded section of its own as well as separate new entries on the longyan and cabernet gernischt grape varieties and its oldest and largest wine producer, Changyu.
    4. A comparison of the mimosoid nodulating strains reveals that UYPR1.413 has the largest genome (10.4 Mbp), with the highest KOG count (1670) and the lowest GC (65.28 %) percentage in this group.
    5. After completing the largest of the simplification projects—the multicover policy—the task force advised the company on overall policy for about another year.
    6. A similar challenge is now facing many of world’s largest noncomputing technology companies.
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