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    Examples of indicating in a Sentence

  • Примеры indicate
    1. The often-found stenophagy in local populations of euryphagous species may indicate the emergence of stenophagous forms from euryphagous ones.
    2. She tapped her companion on the back to indicate that she was ready to go.
    3. Indicate that you are willing to receive marketing material by putting a tick in the box
    4. Reports indicate that tensions have flared up in the Middle East again.
    5. The guard blew his whistle to indicate imminent departure. ‎
    6. Peggy, I checked all of your medical records and examined you, there is nothing to indicate you're going to die soon. There is no expiration date stamped on your foot.
    7. Black arrows indicate suspicious regions due to heterogeneity in acetowhitening and/or vascular abnormality.
    8. Csernyei's experiments indicate that chronic periapical inflammations have an anachoric effect on micro-organisms and that organisms do not remain in the blood but take refuge in the area of inflammation.
    9. These results may indicate that CMC-Na has negative influence on antithrombosis at 24 hours but no influence at 48 hours.
    10. These observations are consistent with the hypothesis that asynchronous hemodynamics is atheroprone and indirectly indicate EC under asynchronous hemodynamics initiate an inflammatory state.
  • Примеры indicates
    1. The diagram indicates in some degree the relative amount of oral work as compared with bookwork in our best schools.
    2. The state of your energy field indicates that you are spiritually troubled.
    3. What you just said clearly indicates impulsive speech, which is not listening to me because you're only thinking of what you want to say next. If you had listened, you would've known to say something other than that.
    4. This milkshake under the oil cap, or on the dipstick, indicates a blown head gasket.
    5. 1/63,360 or 1:63,360 indicates a scale of one inch to the mile
    6. The sharp sign indicates that the pitch of the note is raised a half step. ‎
    7. Door swing indicates direction the door opens. ‎
    8. At this point overfiring begins, as is shown particularly by the volume curve, which indicates decided bloating, so that at 1450°C the clay has about the same volume it had at 1050°C before vitrification took place.
  • Примеры indicated
    1. Further, nodes from occipital regions in the anatomical network, indicated by the blue circles (including calcarina, cuneus, precuneus, …), are distantly located from the group of frontal brain areas indicated by the red marks.
    2. The overlapped ends of the contigs generated in different genome assembly efforts indicated that the mitochondrion genome was either circular or concatemeric.
    3. Probably, these results indicated a high level of similarities and conserveness of the L rohita gene content with Danio rerio and Cyprinus carpio than with Salmo salar and Ictalurus punctatus.
    4. Immunoprecipitation then indicated that cotranslation resulted in stable complex formation of Kox1/TIF1B and Kox1KL/TIF1B (Fig. 18.2A, lane 4 and Fig. 18.2B, lane 11).
    5. In competition experiments, cells were cotreated with 1 nM DHT and 10 μM OHF for the indicated duration.
    6. All of these results clearly indicated that both DPP-IV and peptidase (s) (at least exocarboxypeptidase M) contributed to the ex vivo instability of two active GLP-1 peptides, similar to the observation of the peptides in their in vivo metabolism [38 ].
  • Примеры indicating
    1. Mike Schwartz raised the "matriarchal society in Sci Fi" issue as indicating that Sci Fi writers had experienced "feminazism."
    2. The word werewolves' consists of four morphemes: "were" (~ man), "wolf" (a particular animal), "es" (plural), and " ' " (indicating possessive).
    3. The safeness of the new drug hadn't been proven so it could only be used experimentally and you had to sign a waiver indicating you knew your risks.
    4. Those scissors are sharp. (indicating singular or plural scissors)
    5. In contrast to these observations with ANPs, although UNP and CNP triggered increased ROS, notably in AT2 and MAC, this did not impact on mitochondrial integrity or cell viability, indicating the significance of surface chemistry in cellular bioreactivity.
    6. Moreover, capillary suction time (CST) of sludge increased after pretreatment, and then reduced after 20 days of anaerobic digestion, indicating that sludge dewaterability was greatly improved after anaerobic digestion.

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