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    1. In one way the book is a straightforward defence of eccentricity, a plea for the importance of valuing individuals who choose to dance to a different tune.
    2. It is, therefore, of major importance to understand key events in the progression from a compensatory left ventricular (LV) systolic dysfunction to a decompensatory LV systolic dysfunction and HF.
    3. Overall, the results appear to be of major importance for everyday clinical purposes, since according to Göz et al., a poor aesthetic appearance is the most important reason why patients decide to undergo surgery for dysgnathia.
    4. They are clearly wetlands of considerable importance, reflected in their gazettal as protected areas and Ramsar sites.
    5. Mutations identified in patients with familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia, autosomal dominant hypocalcemia, pancreatitis or idiopathic epilepsy support the functional importance of this motif.
    6. To calculate the objective indicator weight, criteria importance through intercriteria correlation (CRITIC) is selected from three usual methods.
    7. Sloan, in contrast, all but erased the social importance of the Koshare as mischief makers and satirists, instead presenting only their more serious religious function.
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