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    Examples of implemented in a Sentence

  • Примеры implement
    1. Our sales division promised our client a feature in our software that is currently not feasible for us to implement, which will certainly lead to feature creep.
    2. Now here's another few gotchas that you can do to implement it.
    3. It’s a good thought, but it will be a difficult thing to implement.
    4. The Audio and Video classes both implement the IPlayable interface.
    5. Minheaps are often used to implement priority queues.
    6. While this is longer it is both clearer to understand and to implement as a webform where the user will select an instrument.
    7. The government should implement this policy to cope with this serious problem.
    8. An antithrust plate is a flat plate that is fitted to the external face of a door, overlapping the edge and covering the gap between the door and frame to prevent someone using an implement to tamper with the latch or bolt.
    9. We propose to implement a prerecruitment training programme to ensure that the RAs are competent and reliable in conducting the CAM assessment, using validated procedures provided by the instrument developer, who is a member of the study team.
  • Примеры implements
    1. The Royal Navy kept patterned birches and patterned canes at the principal dockyards as specimens, intending to standardize the main implements used for formal corporal punishment on its ships
    2. A strange game at the table involves oranges and kitchen implements flying as one or two bored housemates read or slide fetally under the table.
    3. They carried an assortment of gardening implements in the truck.
  • Примеры implemented
    1. This interface is implemented by several Java classes.
    2. We've implemented a new messaging service.
    3. And yes, especially 'special' mobs coming back is a bit of a stretch. But then the players coming back is a stretch too, no? (yes, I know, many have implemented some form of permadeath').
    4. Each production is implemented with a function.
    5. "…the larger plantations implemented different crop choices, surveillance strategies, and labor management practices than did smallholdings." (Wilma P. Dunaway, Slavery in the American Mountain South: "Introduction" 8, 2003)
    6. The Turks had acquired the culture of power of Persia and implemented its political and administrative traditions in the subcontinent.
    7. Tail calls can be implemented without the need for an additional frame on the call stack.
    8. Among these 20 countries, 4 adopted policies to depenalize cannabis use; 11 decriminalized cannabis use; and 7 implemented partial prohibition policies.
  • Примеры implementing
    1. Approach B is better than approach A in many respects, but again, there are difficulties in implementing it. ‎
    2. Techdirt got wind of a secret meeting by newspaper execs, complete with antitrust lawyers, to discuss how to proceed on the issue of implementing paywalls going forward. — Slashdot, May 2009

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  1. fr implémente
  2. fr implémenté
  3. en implementer
  4. fr implémentée
  5. fr implémentés
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