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EN[ˈaɪs.kɹiːm] [aɪsˈkɹiːm]
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    1. If you ask me who ate the last of the ice cream, I will simply take the fifth.
    2. The ice cream shop teamed up with the cookie and brownie place next door to create wonderful sundaes.
    3. 'I wonder if elephants like ice cream?' 'It would need to be a very big dixie cup,' said Jane.
    4. He reached into his pocket and pulled out, of all things, a ice cream cone.
    5. You associate the Green Mountain State with gourmet ice cream and cows, not swastikas and hate mail, but on second thought it’s possible to conclude that such small town infernality is very ­Jacksonian.
    6. Over those years, he said, as Billie Holiday’s voice wafted over the sound system, he expanded from selling tsourekia and cookies to ice cream, tarts and a variety of other pastries.
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