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    1. They gooed their hair with some fragrant styling product.
    2. Winter-blooming mahonias, or grape hollies, are catching on: Charity has fragrant yellow flowers.
    3. The older man claims to find a measure of peace in Corsica’s wild landscape, and as Mitchell explores the foothills of maquis, fragrant with “the sharp resinous smell of laurel rose and thyme,” he too succumbs.
    4. The illustrious infant to her fragrant breast (Dryden, Illiad, VI. 178.)
    5. The menu is from Emilia-Romagna, in Northern Italy, with plates of delicate, fragrant gnocco fritto, or yeasty, pillow-shaped fritters, served alongside dabs of stracchino cheese or fans of salume: coppa, mortadella, salami and silky prosciutto di Parma.
    6. The special thing about Nasi Ambeng is that the fragrant rice and about 7-8 dishes are traditionally served in large trays and eaten in groups of 4-5 people. This becomes sort of a feast culture in the Malay community.
    7. In “Triana” (named after the Gypsy quarter in Seville), Albéniz conjures guitars and castanets and the dance forms pasodoble and Sevillana with music so evocative that you feel as if you’d just wandered into a fragrant Andalucian courtyard.
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