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EN[fɔːmz] [fɔɹmz]

    Examples of forms in a Sentence

  • Примеры form
    1. Reaction of quadricyclane with Smith’s diene produces the hexacyclic structure 8, while controlled Mitsudo cycloaddition of DMAD onto 8 can be used to form the heptacyclic system 9.
    2. If (1) the empty set were called a "small" set, and (2) any subset of a "small" set were also a "small" set, and (3) the union of any pair of "small" sets were also a "small" set, then the set of all "small" sets would form an ideal.
    3. Accordingly, that form of Popery, which prevailed in Scotland, was of the moſt bigotted and illiberal kind.
    4. notā, sg. imp. form of notō, “I mark”
    5. sate, obs. imp. form of to sit
    6. Manchester United's in-form striker rose to head home Stewart Downing's corner and then rounded off a sweeping counter-attack involving Theo Walcott and Ashley Young to wrap up the formalities seconds before the break.
    7. Synthetic glycine is optically inactive as it contains equal amounts of the d- and l- form.
    8. When Christ reigns as Viceroy for Jehovah for a thousand years, as the Word of God so distinctly intimates, it may be that some such plan as this, far more perfect and world-wide in its aim, will form part of the inaugurative forces of that happy lot.
  • Примеры forms
    1. But in the name of justice, law, and common sense, do not insiduously and unmanfully continue a sentence for one and a former offense, as a punishment for another and a later one, and that, too, without the due forms of trial.
    2. This root must once have ablauted, given the associated nominal derivatives prthii- 'broad', prthivl- 'earth'. However, it does not ablaut at all in its verbal forms.
    3. Although I am of European descent, I practice Africanist dance forms in the U.S., such as Hip Hop, Jazz, and Afro-Contemporary dance.
    4. I add algicide to my aquarium to eliminate the green scum of algae that forms on the glass.
    5. But ask your doctor about an injection that’s a cocktail of generic forms of alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine.
    6. The asexuality of insects is, in almost all cases, known to be a derived condition. That is, their evolution was contingent on the sexuality of their ancestral forms.
    7. He also envisioned a car with a high beltline and exaggerated forms that visually suggested power, and at the same time promised solidity and security.
  • Примеры formed
    1. He recorded with his fellow altoist Phil Woods in 2004, formed the Bud Shank Big Band in 2005, and confirmed how creative and uncliched a simple sax-and-piano duo could be in 2006's Beyond the Door, recorded with the pianist Bill Mays.
  • Примеры forming
    1. To the south, as Halliday followed the winding course of the river, the darkness gave way to the deep indigo tracts of the irrigation project, the lines of canals forming an exquisite bonelike gridwork.”
    2. A cespitous or turfy plant has many stems from the same root, usually forming a close, thick carpet of matting. — Martyn.
    3. Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.
    4. I have one specimen, in which the primary crystals are siliceous, the secondary thin foliaceous crystals of deep red but transparent iron-ore, forming elegant figures, that have the form of roses.
    5. Many government prohibit the advertising of habit-forming substances to minors.
    6. Polygonization is the process of forming polygons from linework which encloses areas. Linework to be formed into polygons must be fully nodedthat is, linestrings must not cross and must touch only at endpoints.
    7. [ … ] the molecules link end to end into the desired arrangement, forming polymerlike networks. "
    8. He is small, but not a toy, with a dome of pouffy white hair forming a helmet on his head; he has a silvery-gray coat and dark hazel eyes that look like giant buttons because the dark rims around them give him the appearance of wearing spectacles.
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