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    1. He was a financial wizard, capable of predicting the movements of the stock markets.
    2. As well as the obvious financial benefits, the merger will allow us some breathing room with regards to R&D.
    3. The monthly financial statements show all the actual but only some of the accrued expenses.
    4. The collapse of the financial market sixty days later was the aftershock.
    5. With the global financial crisis still hitting hard, the air du temps today is a countrywide depressive mood.
    6. This flaw exists because the financial system necessary for capitalist vitality and vigor — which translates entrepreneurial animal spirits into effective demand for investmentcontains the potential for runaway expansion, powered by an investment boom.
    7. A financial dealer has an axe in a stock that his buyers don't know about, giving him an advantage in making the most profit.
    8. We'll put next year's Christmas party on the backburner until we deal with the current financial crisis.
    9. This country is a financial basket case, a country so broke that it should be a perfect warning to lenders.
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