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    1. Between 1962 and 1984, Chicago lost 244,000 manufacturing jobs, while the number of nonmanufacturing jobs (service, research, retail, financial, and real estate) climbed by 372,500.
    2. Coaches have had to answer tough questions about the financial assistance available to nonscholarship athletes.
    3. The crux of the economists’ arguments was that financial services companies were overestimating the percentage of preretirement income needed to live well when no longer working.
    4. Ms. Belling recommends that prospective borrowers pay close attention during pretransaction financial counseling, which is compulsory for anyone seeking a reverse mortgage.
    5. The financial planning profession as a whole now faces an uphill battle to overcome the reputational damage caused by one large bad apple.
    6. Financial insecurity led to a run on the banks, as customers feared for the security of their savings.
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