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    1. The regression of a liver tumor after irradiation of bone that the tumor metastasized to is an example of the abscopal effect.
    2. the African-Americanization that is not Afro-Usonian (Afro-Latin music, for example).
    3. Some saw them, and other Rauschenberg works, as neo-Dada, antiart gestures, for example.
    4. For example, a sign drawing attention to the antilitter norm is more influential in reducing littering when placed in a nonlittered setting than when it is placed in a prelittered setting (31).
    5. The many nonbelievers he interviewed [ … ] were anything but antireligious, for example.
    6. Deleuze criticizes the Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages, which he considers a perfect example of arborescent dualistic theory.
    7. An example of bacillary infection is anthrax.
    8. He speaks Brabantian with his schoolmates, and the standard language in the classroom and with unfamiliar teachers at the playground, a classic example of diglossia.
    9. For example, the company in 2004 had to pull the plug on its Pledge Grab-It Go-Mop, the failure of which stemmed from its being the third entry in the burgeoning category of bucketless wet mops.
    10. The business with the hat is a fine example of the difficulty of distinguishing between 'natural' and 'formal' acting.
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    1. Historical writing proliferates in examples of tendentious accounts of national history, where the “whitewashing” of one history goes hand in hand with the “blackwashing” of another.
    2. For usage examples of this term, see Citations:cisphobic.
    3. Examples of these include altering the hydration of the SC through moisturisation [8 – 10] or removal of the bulk of the hyperkeratotic tissue through keratolytic agents [11 – 14] or via physical debridal.
    4. The following are some examples of educational disjunctivitis that have curtailed the supply of teachers and interfered with their appropriate preparation and effective utilization.
    5. There are many possible examples which you could use to answer this question: e.g. doctor–patient interactions where the doctor discusses the patient's problems backstage with a colleague or a nurse before meeting the patient frontstage.
    6. Since there are, in the LGN, a number of examples of the SAR sign with a value mú, it may be that the place name in the Sippar tablet should be read anagraphically as mú:šim and connected with the 'à-me-šum of the LGN.

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  3. en exampled
  4. fr exemples
  5. en examplers
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