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  • Примеры evident
    1. The absence of the Lyric's usual work-horse heldentenor William Johns (who, according to Lyric, dropped out of the show--quite uncharacteristically--due to illness) was sadly evident here.
    2. Most striking about their relationship is not Mrs. Pugach’s lingering resentment, not her husband’s less-than-evident remorse, and not even their mutual dependence, but the marriage’s frank descent into humdrumness.
    3. So after “The Rainmaker” in 1997 — another decent, well-acted, sharply directed movie with no evident aspirations to be anything more — he seemed to enter a phase of semi-retirement, devoting himself to winemaking and proud papahood.
    4. Balotelli, in recognition of those latest chaotic events in his personal life, then revealed a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Why Always Me?". Despite the evident good humour of the gesture, he was booked by referee Mark Clattenburg.
    5. As is self-evident given its name, humanity is a suscept for HIV.
    6. From these data it is evident that the frequent low temperatures may have winterkilled many bare fields of common alfalfa before the ice sheets occurred the latter part of February 1922
    7. In Amerikkka, this movement is evident from efforts to control the institutions serving and located within Black communities.
  • Примеры more evident
    1. Although Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic, they are characterized by periods of remission that last for varying amounts of time, interrupted by flare-ups, when symptoms of the disease become more evident.
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