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    1. Each vector space has a basis and dimension.
    2. It is known that the only finite-dimensional diffeological vector space that admits a diffeologically smooth scalar product is the standard space of appropriate dimension.
    3. They first calculated the fractal dimension containing ductal lumens and then they analyzed the fractal details of the ductal network in galactograms to detect early signs of cancerous tissues.
    4. The human dimension in education remains central in our hypertechnological age.
    5. AC is composed mostly of micropores, and IBP molecules are adsorbed at the supermicropores, because its critical dimension is 0.72 nm [41 ].
    6. The exact dimension of the cyst and its distance from the lateral knee joint line and the tibiotalar joint line were marked on the skin.
    7. In particular, our attention turns to multiplicative loops which have either a normal subloop of positive dimension or which contain a $1$-dimensional compact subgroup.
    8. In the last section we determine explicitly the quasifields which coordinatize locally compact translation planes of dimension admitting an at least -dimensional Lie group as collineation group..
    9. Using this representation, we compute Koopman eigenfunctions through a regularized advection-diffusion operator, and employ these eigenfunctions in dimension reduction maps with projectible dynamics and high smoothness for the given observation modality.
  • Примеры dimensions
    1. dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
    2. dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
    3. In two space-time dimensions, we arrive at a result in terms of elliptic dilogarithms.
    4. She was now bending over a huge light wood blaze, with a pipe of rude structure and no small dimensions in her mouth, from which the occasional puff went forth, filling the apartment with the unpleasant effluvia of the vilest leaf-tobacco.
    5. [ …] was measured in three dimensions: givingness, prosocial competence and social perspective.
    6. On the scales below, circle the one ( + ) or (-) number which best represents your situation on both the belief and practice dimensions for each of the traditional and nontraditional forms of religioning.
  • Примеры dimensioned
    1. Four equally spaced bolt holes on a bolt circle can be dimensioned at one hole with the notation (TYP) following it.
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