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EN[ˌkɒnʃiˈɛnʃəs] [ˌkɑnʃiˈɛnʃəs]

    Examples of conscientious in a Sentence

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    1. He was a thoughtful and conscientious worker.
    2. This oversight of the arternoon has made me somewhat conscientious, if I can be conscientious, and my sight and hearing are now both wide awake.
    3. My amiability, which is in many cases the result of indifference; my indulgency, which is sincere enough, and is due to the fact that I see clearly how unjust men are to one another; my conscientious habits, which afford me real pleasure, and my infinite capacity for enduring ennui, attributable perhaps to my having been so well inoculated by ennui during my youth that it has never taken since, are all to be explained by the circle in which I lived, and the profound impressions which I received.
    4. As a strong and conscientious student, he was often labelled as teacher's pet in school.
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