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  • Примеры coating
    1. At the extreme edges, the coating is very thin. ‎
    2. The sacrificial coating protects the hull, but because it takes the damage the hull doesn't, we must replace it annually.
    3. The top coating of lacquer gives this finish a slick look.
    4. a supertough coating
    5. a toughenable coating
    6. We spent hours coating the truffles with cocoa powder so they wouldn't be sticky.
    7. They painted on a coating to protect it from the weather.
    8. Don't use the steel wool on this pan; you'll strip off the teflon coating.
    9. Unpolished grains that retained their outer coating were a major lynchpin of his 'whole foods'-based diet.
    10. We crystallized the fruit by coating in sugar.
  • Примеры coatings
    1. antihalo coatings
    2. [ … ] the discharge destroys or neutralizes all external induction, and the coatings are therefore found by the carrier ball unelectrified; [ … ]
    3. X-ray-thin crusts have judicious coatings of cheese — robiola, goat cheese, ricotta, sheep cheese — and sparing but flavorful toppings like broccoli rabe, black truffle pâté and soppressata.
    4. The adhesive and reactive nature of polydopamine thin films was exploited as a convenient platform or ‘primer’ onto which can be deposited additional secondary coatings via a variety of potential mechanisms, including covalent linkage with organic thiol, amine, and histidine residues [53 ].
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