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  • Примеры close
    1. You'd better close your mouth; are you trying to catch flies?
    2. The local factory will close down soon, unless sales pick up.
    3. They had to close the mine down as it was in a dangerous condition.
    4. If anyone passes to Smith, close him down.
    5. We finally managed to close up the shop for the night at about 10 o'clock.
    6. The car factory has closed up for the August holidays.
    7. With stitches, the cut should close up in a week to ten days.
    8. Big hair went out of style as the 1980s came to a close.
    9. Driving 300 miles on one tank of gas was cutting it close, but we arrived safely.
    10. The pizza chain was forced to close several locations and cut employees loose.
    11. That pitcher doesn't like the hitters too close to the plate so every once in a while he'll dust off a batter.
  • Примеры closes
    1. When he eats, he never closes his mouth. It's so mank.
    2. In some works the motif is doubled and angled, decreasing the shieldlike frontality and opening up new optical and spatial possibilities. 945 Madison Avenue, at 75th Street, (212) 570-3676, whitney.org; closes on Sunday.
    3. Lately, his clientele has been preoccupied with a very untrivial question: Will it be months, weeks or just days before this unlikely nerd hangout closes?
    4. The building is deserted. The door closes echoingly behind you.
    5. I guess the store closes at five on Thursdays. Oh well. I'll just come back tomorrow.
    6. And to avoid any quantum entanglement, make sure that if you visit the show before it closes on the stardate equivalent to Sept. 20, your transporter is in working order.
    7. It riles me that she never closes the door after she leaves.
    8. Taken together, the present study closes a gap in the understanding of host-IBV interaction and paves the way for further characterization of the mechanisms underlying immune evasion strategies as well as the pathogenesis of gammacoronaviruses.
  • Примеры closer
    1. The slalom gates are set closer together.
    2. The closer had a wicked slider that was almost unhittable.
    3. A Twombly-inspired canvas with slanted scribbles of white on a black background feels less forced, perhaps because Ms. Amer’s stitchwork is closer to line drawing and handwriting than to the splashes of a paintbrush.
    4. The Bushrangers moved a step closer to securing a berth in the final when tailenders Damien Wright and Clint McKay posted a century stand on day two, which gave the Vics a first-innings 400.
    5. The vowel is consonantized, that is, made closer in position. — Peile.
    6. This argument deserves a closer examination.
  • Примеры closed
    1. Together his accumbent pose and closed eyes denoted sleep, as an alternative to death, which the stiff, recumbent pose of previous effigies had embodied.
    2. According to the fundamental theorem of algebra, the field of complex numbers is algebraically closed.
    3. The only way that project still exists today is by accident; I thought we closed it years ago.
    4. Jim was listening to headphones with his eyes closed. ‎
    5. They boldly closed in a hand-to-hand contest.
    6. The debate closed at six o'clock. ‎
    7. He has closed the last two games for his team. ‎
    8. closed source
    9. a closed committee
    10. The set of integers is closed under addition: .
    11. The leaders held a closed door meeting to decide on a future course of action in the case.
  • Примеры closing
    1. I think we are closing in on the end of this project.
    2. The bar's closing now, so drink up!
    3. But in the closing stages Bishop spotted a gap to go over and Hook converted to set up a nervous finish for the Blues, who managed to hold on.
    4. You'll need to put that drink back quickly; it's very nearly closing time. ‎
    5. Energetic Malouda was denied twice by Jussi Jaaskelainen late on before Ancelotti ran down the clock by introducing Salomon Kalou and Paulo Ferreira in the closing seconds as Chelsea arrested their slide.
    6. Andrew Bishop then ran over in the closing stages, but it was too late.
    7. Snodgrass also saw a free-kick swerve just wide before Arsenal, with Walcott and Fabregas by now off the bench, turned their vastly superior possession into chances in the closing moments
    8. In the closing weeks of 1959 and the early weeks of 1960, book dealers must have had a bonanza in selling thesaurusi.
    9. Animals designated as normogonadic controls (CTRL) and normogonadic obese (OGD) underwent a sham operation where an external scrotal and peri-scrotal incision was made before closing both wounds as described above.
  • Примеры closest
    1. The trip to Carrow Road was a chance for Harry Redknapp's side to take advantage after their two closest London rivals and leaders Manchester City failed to take maximum points from Premier League clashes in the last two days.
    2. Instead of the initial necrotic symptoms typical of PD, the lower leaves (closest to the inoculation zones) of inoculated plants showed prominent anthocyanosis with green veinal areas (Fig 4C and 4D ).
    3. Perhaps the closest to being ready for going driverless is Tesla Motors, whose chief executive, tech pioneer Elon Musk, unveiled a software update last week that would allow its cars to autosteer and park.
    4. The position of the blindside flanker depends on the proximity of a touch line, so if the scrum takes place close to the left-hand touch line, the blindside flanker will be closest to that touch line.
    5. At the same time, the Republic of Cyprus is stymied by a counterembargo by Turkey on its ships and planes, denying them access to the giant and lucrative Turkish market, its closest neighbor.
    6. The closest previous sighting of an Earth-grazing asteroid was in March of 1989. It was 330 feet in diameter and passed at 10 times the distance to the moon.
    7. Mr. Biden’s decision had earthquakelike magnitude in Hillaryland, as Mrs. Clinton’s closest supporters are collectively known.
    8. It is the closest landfalling hurricane known to have an impact. ‎
    9. The docked conformation with the best idock score was selected because it was previously shown to be the most likely one closest to the crystal conformation with a redocking success rate of more than 50% on three different benchmarks [6 ].
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