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    Examples of close to in a Sentence

  • Примеры close to
    1. The presenter, close to tears, told the audience that she's really an apple—white on the inside and red on the outside—Native American.
    2. Clasped, love, close to thy heart, thy birdling Foldeth her wings in peace-- Trusts, love! feeling nor cold nor shadow, Finding at last her ease, From fear a safe release, Heart's love, with thee."
    3. Garnished with excellent Dijon-style mustard, horseradish, cornichons, sprinkled with diced gelee, it was close to perfection as one is likely to get on a dinner plate.
    4. Terry came close to doubling Chelsea's lead when his header from Lampard's mis-hit volley fizzed inches past the upright.
    5. Jim Morgan, who is about as close to Wall Street greedmeister Gordon Gekko as Murphy is to Manteo.
  • Примеры closer to
    1. This is puzzling because Mimas is closer to Saturn than Enceladus, and the Mimantean orbit is much more eccentric (out of round) than the Enceladean orbit.
    2. Those efforts have helped the Hudson inch closer to the healthy, swimmable river that it was before industry sprouted along its banks.
    3. This show’s radical idea is to depict a world closer to the one we inhabit than the one we pretend to live in: a place where money and provenance really are untrumpable determinants of the social order.
    4. We watched as the storm clouds advanced inexorably closer to us.
  • Примеры closest to
    1. In between were the Bang on a Can All-Stars, a contemporary chamber-music group, playing the part of their repertorydrum-driven, motoric, yet by no means primitiveclosest to rock.
    2. (This led the ultrapious Rabbi Eliezer Shach to acidly define Chabad as the sect closest to Judaism.)
    3. The six-winged Seraphim are the angels closest to God.
    4. Thatcher won her three elections [ … ] because she was seen as being closest to the center, in contrast to an unelectably left-wing Labor Party.
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