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  • Примеры block
    1. an anonymous office block in a soulless industrial estate
    2. The regulators used antitrust laws to block the merger, believing it would eliminate competition. ‎
    3. An oak tree grew in Brooklyn once, on a pleasant, brownstoned block.
    4. He said a block of unit owners were also hiring an engineer to make sure that buildingwide systems like heating, cooling and plumbing met the quality standards [ … ] .
    5. Mike Pereira, the league’s director of officiating, said Wade did not commit an illegal crackback block because he was blocking upfield and not back toward the ball.
    6. A cuboidal block was formed.
    7. Aguero was quick to block Hennessey's attempted clearance and the ball bounced kindly to Dzeko, who had the simplest of tasks to put City ahead.
  • Примеры blocks
    1. In Lawrence, a mile is generally 12 city blocks east-west or 8 blocks north-south.
    2. The center had 11 assists and 10 blocks tonight for a very unusual double double.
    3. Native basalt was ground especially and mixed with concrete [ …] to form handsome deep gray blocks (18" x 18") which were placed in sand, the wide joints being planted to ponyfoot
    4. The last quadruple double in the NBA was achieved by David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs on February 17, 1994, with a monstrous 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 blocks.
    5. In Manhattan alone, you should not be able to walk two blocks Thursday night without a shopkeep handing you a glass of Champagne.
    6. go down two blocks and take the next left ‎; take the path of least resistance
  • Примеры blocked
    1. We're not making progress because we're two-blocked by the crane that has the road shut down.
    2. The toilet was unusable because it was blocked.
    3. Westbound traffic was blocked for miles.
    4. The Wizards took the lead for good when Nick Young blocked Duhon’s layup attempt, then raced upcourt for a 21-foot pull-up jumper.
    5. The pipe is blocked.
    6. His plan to take over the business was blocked by the boss.
    7. He blocked the basketball player's shot.
    8. I tried to send you a message, but you've blocked me!
    9. I blocked the mittens by wetting them and pinning them to a shaped piece of cardboard.
    10. Oxlade-Chamberlain saw his attempted chip well blocked by goalkeeper Costanzo at the start of the second half.
  • Примеры blocking
    1. Tom was standing right in front of the TV, blocking everyone's view. ‎
    2. It turned out that a neighbor's ailanthus tree was blocking her view. Ms. Powis's answer was meant to discourage both trespassing and arborcide.
    3. You're blocking the road – I can't get through.
    4. blocking of major opposition sites
    5. Some are caught up in the vision. Others are turned off and say he's a self-promoter who doesn't know anything about the blocking and tackling of the brokerage business.
    6. We couldn't get past the cave in blocking the tunnel.
    7. --Figure 3. Fig. 4, Plate 58, represents the neck of the bladder and neighbouring part of the urethra of an ox, in which a polypous growth is seen attached by a long pedicle to the veru montanum and blocking up the neck of the bladder.
    8. Back up the car a little, you're blocking the driveway. ‎
    9. The lorry is blocking off the road, so traffic has come to a standstill.
    10. Furthermore, angiogenesis during granuloma formation could be blocked by chymostatin and by blocking rMCP-5 with a specific antisense oligonucleotide.
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