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    1. Samples from 102 adult Dogue de Bordeaux dogs (47 non-proteinuric [urine protein-to-creatinine ratio≤0.2], 20 borderline-proteinuric [0.2 0.5]) were used, of which 2 were suffering from familial glomerulonephropathy.
    2. Adult animals were implanted with E-Mitter transponders intraabdominally to record body temperature and locomotor activity continuously.
    3. Accordingly, Cyclorhagida is divided into three main lineages: Echinoderidae, Campyloderidae, and a large clade, ‘Kentrorhagata’, which except for species of Campyloderes, includes all species with a midterminal spine present in adult individuals.
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    1. On Monday, CBS’s “CSI: Miami” seized the title as the night’s highest-rated show among adults 18 to 49, while NBC’s “Heroes” continued to falter with ratings below its prehiatus levels.
    2. [...] all adults seemed to her subjects for laughter, so self-regarding, so pretentious.
    3. Many older adults find rap music unlistenable.
    4. Still, it is not clear how far socialists ought to go in "restricting capitalist acts between consenting adults," since doing so seems to impinge, inadmissibly, on individuals' freedoms.
    5. In any given performance, their tosses and spins and leaps elicit oohs and ahhs from children and adults.
    6. The school had banned chew and smokes from the school grounds, even for adults.
    7. Elderly don't bug me, however loud drunken adults bother me as much as screaming fleshloaves.
    8. He noticed that the memory span of young adults was around seven elements
    9. Most amphibians are aquatic only while young, but some amphibians with neoteny remain aquatic even as adults.
    10. Not surprisingly, many children and adults with this particular overexcitability attempt to avoid or minimize certain settings of overstimulation.
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    1. The common law, like the Roman, viewed the crime from the standpoint of adulting the issue of the husband of the sexually straying wife, bringing upon him spurious offspring whom he might have to support and who might inherit his property; [ …]
    2. Trends in the relative costs of child rearing cannot be separated from the economic, social and cultural consequences of both the gendering and adulting of labour markets.
    3. Then how about this: How about out-adulting the person who's driving you crazy. In other words, being the bigger adult.
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