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    1. First, categorize incoming messages according to the needed actions.
    2. According to market research, many men list DIY as one of their main hobbies.
    3. Naught, according to his mind, He could outlearn. — Spenser.
    4. According to Henry Aryamanya-Mugisha, director of Uganda’s environmental protection agency, overpopulation and overfarming on the Kenyan side of the lake are decimating these wetlands where the fish spawn.
    5. He recocked, fired again, and hit his adversary's abdomen. Mr. Dickinson bled to death over many hours, in terrible agony, according to accounts.
    6. The Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa in Manhattan features a postnatal rescue treatment that, according to online ads, “debloats, detoxes, recontours the body and brings the new mom to a weight-losing mode.”
    7. According to Mr. Tenet, Mr. Ledeen seemed to be repeddling to Bush administration hawks the same dubious Iranian source, Manucher Ghorbanifar, who received a burn notice in 1984 yet went on to serve as a middleman in the arms-for-hostages scandal.
    8. Everything was going according to plan until we ran into the legal problems.
    9. That ill-made doublet of green cloth must be exchanged for one of velvet slashed in the Venetian style like mine own, with hose stuffed and bombasted according to the mode.
    10. According to the process that may have formed the Solar System planets, the surrounding discs of material around the gas giants gradually coalesced into moons.
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  1. en according to plan
  2. en according to Hoyle
  3. en according to one's understanding
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