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EN[wɪn] [-ɪn]

    Definition of win in English Dictionary

  • Существительное (Noun)PLwins
    1. (Britain dialectal, Scotland) Pleasure; joy; delight.
      1. gain; profit; income.
        1. wealth; owndom; goods.
          1. an individual victory (opposite of a loss).
            1. Our first win of the season put us in high spirits.
          2. SLA a feat, an (extraordinary) achievement (opposite of a fail).
          3. Глагол (Verb)SGwinsPRwinningPT, PPwon
            1. OBS VT To conquer, defeat.
              1. VT To triumph or achieve victory in (a game, a war, etc.).
                1. VT To gain (a prize) by succeeding in competition or contest.
                  1. to win the jackpot in a lottery;  to win a bottle of wine in a raffle
                2. VT To obtain (someone) by wooing.
                  1. VI To achieve victory.
                    1. Who would win in a fight between an octopus and a dolphin? ‎
                  2. VT To obtain (something desired).
                    1. The company hopes to win an order from the government worth over 5 million dollars. ‎
                  3. VT To cause a victory for someone.
                    1. The success of the economic policies should win Mr. Smith the next elections. ‎
                    2. The policy success should win the elections for Mr. Smith. ‎
                  4. VT OBS To come to by toil or effort; to reach; to overtake.
                    1. VT (mining) To extract (ore, coal, etc.).
                    2. Другие примеры
                      1. Используется в середине предложения
                        • Matz was the trainer of Barbaro, the superhorse who won here in 2006 and took that fatal misstep two weeks later at the Preakness.
                        • That her Lily should have been won and not worn, had been, and would be, a trouble to her for ever.
                        • Don't even think about the odds that Bobby Schmautz of Vancouver Canucks would score the winning goal or that Greg Polis of Pittsburgh Penguins would win the car.
                      2. Используется в завершении предложения
                        • His neverending criticism has finally worn my patience.  Toil and care soon wear the spirit.  Our physical advantage allowed us to wear the other team out and win.
                        • As soon as Debbie can tot up the scores, we'll know who won.
                        • You will not be acknown, sir; why, 'tis wise. Thus do all gamesters, at all games, dissemble: No man will seem to win.
                    • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
                      1. Существительные
                        • Исчисляемое Существительное
                        • Глаголы
                          • Непереходные глаголы
                            • Переходные глаголы
                              • Глаголы по типу перегиба
                                • неправильные глаголы
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                            Грамматически, это слово "win" является Существительные, более конкретно, Исчисляемое Существительное. Это также Глаголы, более конкретно, Непереходные глаголы,  Переходные глаголы и Глаголы по типу перегиба.
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