way это

EN[weɪ] [-eɪ]
Tпуть WПуть
  • Путь:
  • Путь — это расстояние которое прошло тело.
  • Путь — кривая, непрерывное отображение отрезка в топологическое пространство.
  • Путь — теория, последовательность вершин графа.
  • Путь — длина участка траектории материальной точки в физике.
  • Путь — разновидность хозяйственного землеустройства русского средневековья (XIV—XVI), административно-территориальная единица.
  • Путь — московское книгоиздательство, существовавшее в 1910—1918 годах на средства М. К. Морозовой и выпускавшее философскую литературу.
  • Путь — религиозно-философский журнал, издававшийся в Париже в 1925—1940 годах русскими эмигрантами.
EN Way

    Definition of way in English Dictionary

  • Существительное (Noun)PLways
    1. (heading) To do with a place or places.
      1. Do you know the way to the airport?   Come this way and I'll show you a shortcut.   It's a long way from here. ‎
      2. We got into the cinema through the back way. ‎
      3. If you're ever 'round this way, come over and visit me. ‎
    2. A method or manner of doing something; a mannerism.
      1. You're going about it the wrong way.   He's known for his quirky ways.   I don't like the way she looks at me. ‎
    3. (heading) Personal interaction.
      1. There's no way I'm going to clean up after you. ‎
      2. My little sister always whines until she gets her way. ‎
    4. (paganism) A tradition within the modern pagan faith of Heathenry, dedication to a specific deity or craft, Way of wyrd, Way of runes, Way of Thor etc.
      1. (nautical) Speed, progress, momentum.
        1. A degree, an amount, a sense.
          1. In a large way, crocodiles and alligators are similar. ‎
        2. (US, As the head of an interjectory clause) Acknowledges that a task has been done well, chiefly in expressions of sarcastic congratulation.
          1. Way to ruin the moment, guys. ‎
        3. (plural only) The timbers of shipyard stocks that slope into the water and along which a ship or large boat is launched.
          1. By the time the Mauretania was ready for launching a total weight of 16,800 tons was standing in the berth, and this represented the heaviest weight that had ever been sent down the ways up to that time.
        4. (plural only) The longitudinal guiding surfaces on the bed of a planer, lathe, etc. along which a table or carriage moves.
          1. The name of the letter for the w sound in Pitman shorthand.
          2. Глагол (Verb)SGwaysPRwayingPT, PPwayed
            1. OBS To travel.
            2. Наречие (Adverb)
              1. INF (with comparative or modified adjective) Much.
                1. I'm way too tired to do that.
                2. I'm a way better singer than she.
              2. SLA (with positive adjective) Very.
                1. I'm way tired
                2. String theory is way cool, except for the math.
              3. INF Far.
                1. I used to live way over there.
                2. The farmhouse is way down the bottom of the hill.
            3. Междометие (Interjection)
              1. (only in reply to no way) It is true.
                1. We repeated this ritual of “no way - way, no way - wayover the years.
            4. Другие примеры
              1. Используется в середине предложения
                • Infection by pestiviruses like border disease virus and bovine viral diarrhea virus are characterized by CNS dysplasia and hypomyelinogenesis in a similar way than following AKAV infection [40 ].
                • "The mighty Goliahs of Rome, by this way of vilipendency hope to give our clergy's flesh to be food for the fowls of the air" - Waterhouse, Apology for Learning, p. 149
                • In all thy ways acknowledge Him. - Proverbs 3:6 By my soul, I'll ne'er acknowledge thee. - Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, III-v
              2. Используется в завершении предложения
                • If they aren't getting it, explain it a different way.
                • I think they'll change their tune as soon as they try it the other way.
                • It's time for me to hit the trail and be on my way.
            • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
              1. Наречия
                • Степень наречия
                  • Несравнимое наречия
                  • Междометия
                    • Существительные
                      • Исчисляемое Существительное
                        • Pluralia Tantum
                        • Глаголы
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                        Meaning of way for the defined word.

                        Грамматически, это слово "way" является Наречия, более конкретно, Степень наречия и Несравнимое наречия. Это также Междометия. Это также Существительные, более конкретно, Исчисляемое Существительное и pluralia tantum. Это также Глаголы.
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