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    Definition of close to in English Dictionary

  • Наречие (Adverb)COMcloser toSUPclosest to
    1. (of quantifiers of nouns) Approximately.
      1. It lasted close to an hour. ‎
      2. It rained for close to forty days and forty nights. ‎
    2. INF Nearly; almost.
      1. The project is close to finished. ‎
  • Предлог (Preposition)
    1. Near.
      1. The chair was close to the window. ‎
  • Другие примеры
    1. Используется в середине предложения
      • Climbing so close to an erupting volcano was tickling the dragon's tail. ‎
      • On a close to final copy the title The Way We Die Now has Now Xed out and replaced with Today. Then Today is Xed out and Now is returned to its place.
      • Connie was very close to her friend Judy and considered her to be her sister.
  • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
    1. Наречия
      • Предлоги
      Ссылки По Теме:
      1. en close to home
      2. en close to the vest
      3. en close to the wind
      4. en close to one's vest
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      Грамматически, это идиома "close to" является Наречия. Это также Предлоги.
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