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EN[əˈpɹɑk.sɪ.mət.li] [əˈpɹɒk.sɪ.mət.li]

    Definition of approximately in English Dictionary

  • Наречие (Adverb)SUF-ly
    1. Imprecise but close to in quantity or amount.
      1. In every box of matches there are approximately 40 matchsticks.
      2. Per 100g of chocolate there are approximately 11.6g of saturated fat.
      3. ...approximately 60 beats per minute.
  • Другие примеры
    1. Используется в середине предложения
      • to regulate a watch, i.e. adjust its rate of running so that it will keep approximately standard time
      • The specimens were immersed in perfluoropolyether to ensure a proton-free and susceptibility matched background and oriented with the femoral shafts approximately along B 0 .
      • the Milky Way will see a starburst in approximately 200 000 000 years
    2. Используется в начале предложения
      • Approximately 1×10 6 human hepatocytes were collected from 6-well plates, washed twice in PBS and suspended in 75 μl PBS containing 5 mM diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid.
      • Approximately half of the meniscectomized patients develop symptomatic osteoarthritis [4 ].
  • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
    1. Наречия
      • Несравнимое наречия
      • Морфемы
        • Суффиксы
          • Слова суффиксом
            • Words suffixed with -ly

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      Слова похожи (Look-Alike Words)
      1. en approximate
      2. en proximately
      3. en approximated
      4. fr approximâtes
      5. en approximates
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      Meaning of approximately for the defined word.

      Грамматически, это слово "approximately" является Наречия, более конкретно, Несравнимое наречия. Это также Морфемы, более конкретно, Суффиксы.
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