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EN[əˈpɹəʊ.pɹiː.ɪt] [əˈpɹəʊ.pɹiː.ət] [əˈpɹoʊ.pɹi.ɪt] [əˈpɹoʊ.pɹi.ət] [əˈpɹəʊ.pɹiː.eɪt] [əˈpɹoʊ.pɹi.eɪt]

    Definition of appropriate in English Dictionary

  • Глагол (Verb)SGappropriatesPRappropriatingPT, PPappropriatedSUF-iate
    1. VT (archaic) To make suitable; to suit.
    2. Придавникы (Adjective)COMmore appropriateSUPmost appropriate
      1. OBS Set apart for a particular use or person; reserved.
        1. Hence, belonging peculiarly; peculiar; suitable; fit; proper.
          1. The headmaster wondered what an appropriate measure would be to make the pupil behave better.
        2. Suitable to the social situation or to social respect or social discreetness; socially correct; socially discreet; well-mannered; proper.
          1. I don't think it was appropriate for the cashier to tell me out loud in front of all those people at the check-out that my hair-piece looked like it was falling out of place.
          2. While it is not considered appropriate for a professor to date his student, there is no such concern once the semester has ended.
      2. Другие примеры
        1. Используется в середине предложения
          • It was a fitting scoreline on the club's landmark anniversary, and appropriate that Van Persie should get the winner.
          • It is known that the only finite-dimensional diffeological vector space that admits a diffeologically smooth scalar product is the standard space of appropriate dimension.
          • The force/torque loadcell was calibrated and attached to the appropriate limb segment with an orthosis.
        2. Используется в завершении предложения
          • Once a business gets off the ground, a different management style may become appropriate.
          • There was no time of day that ever seemed appropriate.
      • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
        1. Прилагательные
          • Глаголы
            • Переходные глаголы
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          Meaning of appropriate for the defined word.

          Грамматически, это слово "appropriate" является Прилагательные. Это также Глаголы, более конкретно, Переходные глаголы.
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