Слово дня
  1. Существительное (Noun)
    • (chess) A situation in which the king is directly threatened by an opposing piece.
    • An inspection or examination.
    • A control; a limit or stop.
    • (US) A mark (especially a checkmark: ✓) used as an indicator, equivalent to a tick (UK).
    • (US) An order to a bank to pay money to a named person or entity; a cheque (UK, Canada).
    • (US) A bill, particularly in a restaurant.
    • (contact sports) A maneuver performed by a player to take another player out of the play.
    • A token used instead of cash in gaming machines.
    • A lengthwise separation through the growth rings in wood.
    • A mark, certificate, or token, by which, errors may be prevented, or a thing or person may be identified.
    • (falconry) The forsaking by a hawk of its proper game to follow other birds.
    • A small chink or crack.
    • (textiles, usually pluralized) A pattern made up of a grid of squares of alternating colors; a checkered pattern.
  2. Глагол (Verb)
    • To inspect; to examine.
    • To mark with a checkmark.
    • To control, limit, or halt.
    • To verify or compare with a source of information.
    • To leave in safekeeping.
    • To leave with a shipping agent for shipping.
    • (street basketball) To pass or bounce the ball to an opponent from behind the three-point line and have the opponent pass or bounce it back to start play.
    • (contact sports) To hit another player with one's body.
    • (poker) To remain in a hand without betting. Only legal if no one has yet bet.
    • (chess) To make a move which puts an adversary's piece, especially the king, in check; to put in check.
    • To chide, rebuke, or reprove.
    • (nautical) To slack or ease off, as a brace which is too stiffly extended.
    • To crack or gape open, as wood in drying; or to crack in small checks, as varnish, paint, etc.
    • To make checks or chinks in; to cause to crack.
    • To make a stop; to pause; with at.
    • (obsolete) To clash or interfere.
    • To act as a curb or restraint.
    • (falconry) To turn, when in pursuit of proper game, and fly after other birds.
Картина дня

Приговор в день
  • The house had a neat, well-maintained garden in front.